Friday, May 15, 2015

TOWER ARCH...the last chapter.

The wagon master trudges to the we go on???

I had him stand below worst ledge of rock - thigh high

These ledges of oil pan destroyers made the decision

now the question is can we back up in that space?  Note rock ledges again...

and yes, we could back into it as did others...

now we've got to survive going UP the rock that wants to bite our didn't look that vicious when we came DOWN it!  Hearts still pounding.

these rock strewn dips were deeper than they look

sighs of relief from BOTH  of us now...when we left 3 jeeps turned into the road...we wished we could see how THEY did the rock crawling.

And this is TOWER ARCH - well it's a picture we took at the Visitor's Center...maybe next time.  :)
TOWER ARCH...the search continues...where are you tower???
Yes, there are "interesting" rock formations in Arches...

and yes, this is still the "road", I am now clinching everything that can be clinched in the human body!

through first obstacles

I actually got out to go to top and make sure we didn't run into someone coming up over the other side

and then we get to THIS little situation

my photos do not capture how steep this "slope" is

at this "wall of rock" my heart is pounding a mile a minute and I am praying...please Lord...not THIS  one!

and even mr adventureous is worried...gotta go look

cause it's steep, high rocks, and can't see over top
TOWER ARCH - the adventure

From the day we arrived at Arches Paul told me he wanted to go see Tower Arch.  To get there you have to turn off the main road that winds through the park, proceed down a graveled road that two cars can pass each other on, and then turn onto a single car only dirt road that turns into...well you'll see.  Let's just say the sign that says "4-wheel drive only with high clearance" should probably be a little more detailed.
Good, well packed & graveled road as described....

lovely arch

beautiful valley

Road continues

One lane "road" begins
curvier, dippier

Last post from Park Avenue...really.

steps back to top..thanks to whoever did all the work

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End of another amazing hike.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Park Avenue.....

Headed back, seeing things I missed on way out.

These wildflowers grow alongside the roads but you are not allowed to stop on the shoulders except at turnouts.  I didn't realize until we were on our way back on this trail that they were growing right there.